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With Thomas the Cat gone, I can finally let my presence be known. I am Dimitri the magnificent Blue Jay. I sit outside and watch the steady stream of animals that make their way through the clinic. I used to sit upon my throne of delicious seeds, until recently that is. I may have gorged myself a bit too much. I know this because after a rather rousing day of excitement, where I, uh… delicately… stuffed my face for the majority of the day, I left for a short sabbatical to stretch my wings. Upon my return, I landed on my throne with a glorious sweep of my wings and broke it…. *Sigh* The people inside ran outside, picked my throne up, refilled it with my mouthwatering seeds and put it back in its rightful place. I waited a respectable 30 seconds and flew back over to it. When I went to sit upon my throne again and broke it for the second time. Now I am trying not to take this personally, but I’ll be honest, I’m starting to think the window is plotting against me. I’d tell the people inside, but they don’t speak my language. So now, instead of just refilling it and putting it back up like they did last time, they took it inside with them!  I waited for them to return with it, but they have not done so. It must be at the throne repair shop or something along those lines. I find it extremely hard to believe that they would want me to sit upon the ground, without proper snacks, day after day. No, not me… Not the incredibly skinny, in no way overweight, Dimitri the Magnificent Blue
Today I’ve been watching the lady with the glasses through the window. I have no idea what she does, but she certainly runs around the building enough to make my head spin! I’ve been coming to this clinic for a while and she just recently started to show up. So far she seems nice enough… Although now that I think about it, she was the one who took my throne and didn’t return it. I’ll try not to hold it against her, but I will be keeping an eye on her. Wait what is that she just said? Did I forget to mention that I am a master lip reader? Well I am and that girl in the glasses just said that we are not putting my throne back up! What is this?! This is absurd! A travesty!  I am Dimitri the Magnificent Blue Jay! Ok, deep breath… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Okay that’s a little better. Hold on, she is talking about the throne again…Hm… Alright, so here’s the scoop, turns out you don’t need to feed birds during the summer. She said that many birds are nesting in the summer and concentrate more on insects this time of year. I guess that makes sense. I do enjoy a fresh bug salad around this time each year. Doesn’t mean I like it but I’ll accept the loss of my throne for now. Looks like she is discussing unhealthy foods for birds with the lady in the white coat. I’d better take notes on this one. Turns out bread offers nothing of nutritional value and in instances that the bread is moldy, it can actually cause me harm. Yikes! Best to just stay away from it. Chocolate is toxic as well, since it contains theobromine which is toxic to birds just like it is for Cats and Dogs. Phew! Glad I know this now, wouldn’t want to cause myself any harm by eating chocolate or moldy bread. *Rumble* Well ladies and gentleman, it’s been great, but it’s time for me to take off and get some grub. Stay tuned, I’ll be back soon, because I am Dimitri the Magnificent Blue Jay!

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